Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Swimming Sports

As I walked into the Village Pools I was thrilled to see how many people were all dressed.

It was amusing, exciting and wonderful I was speechless until the teacher told me to go and get changed.

As I got changed I wondered if I would come first, second or third.

As one of my flutter board challenge came up I jumped into action as I heard the horn blow.

I tried my best.

It was all panicky.

In the end I came last but all I could do was hope out of the pool and feel good about myself.

As I waited for my next awesome challenge to come up I ate my frosty frozen apple .

As my next challenge came up.

It was breaststroke and doggy paddle.

I did breaststroke .

I came first but since I had to stand up to breath they made me come last … don don don.

My next challenge was floating on my back that one was tough and even though I came last I still felt proud and strong.

As my last challenge came up which was dive for a stone.

As soon as I threw the stone and then dived into the pool I felt a frosty bite hit me but there was nothing I could do I kept on swimming hoping it would warm me up at the end I hoped out of the pool and got my stuff.

Then I had a one hour shower it was so mild warm.

Then I got dressed and as I came out of the changing room the clothing race was on.

I kept on cheering for Evabella she did not win but that was all right then we left swimming sports when we got back to school it was lunch time.

We had serious fun that day and now it's over 😞 but it least it will be back next year yeah 😆.

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