Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kiwi Bird Art

The Battle For The One And Only Pihanga

The beginning of time was the most threatening year for Tongariro as there was a huge battle for Pihanga the one and only girl mountain. It all started in the middle of New Zealand.

Ruapehu said to Pihanga “surely I am the finest husband out of these foolish mountain’s.” Tongariro couldn’t help but overhear what Ruapehu said so Tongariro said “well you call us foolish but I think you are the dullest mountain on earth.” Putauaki came along and offered Pihanga a ring. Ngauruhoe couldn’t help but want Pihanga for himself so he came along and said “NO you can’t accept that ring I have a much better diamond ring than Putauaki.” Tauhara came along and said “I thought pihanga likes amethyst’s not diamonds!” Pihanga said “well yes I do like amethyst’s more than diamonds!” Tauhara said “well I have one right here.” Pihanga said “WOW THAT'S LOVELY!” Then Taranaki came along and said “guys the bestest way to settle this IS WAR!” Tongariro, Putauaki, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tauhara said altogether yes that really is the way to settle this!”

First it is Tongariro against Ruapehu! Ruapehu quickly spat fire out at Tongariro luckily Tongariro dodged most of it because the fire only got a little bit of his cheek! Then Tongariro yelled “ow that feels like a fiery bite! TIME FOR PAYBAAACKKKK!!!” Tongariro quarreled out water and aimed it for Ruapehu's fiery hole “BOOM” Ruapehu was gone and out of the battle!

Next is Ngauruhoe against Tauhara! Ngauruhoe yelled “I will hit you until you fall off of New Zealand and no longer exist!” Tauhara thought to himself “NO I want Pihanga for myself!” Ngauruhoe went for a fiery blast at Tauhara! Tauhara wasn’t quick enough “BOOM” Tauhara was gone!

Next is Taranaki against Putauaki! Though Putauaki was smaller than Taranaki he was still up for the challenge! Putauaki said “yes I will accept your challenge” Taranaki laughed and moved closer once he was face to face with Putauaki he jumped and landed on Putauaki! Taranaki yelled out “I was supposed to do that I jumped onto him. He should be DEAD HAHA”

Next was Tongariro against Ngauruhoe! Tongariro said “look there is an elephant behind you!” Ngauruhoe fell for it! He turned around Tongariro went for a snowy blast
Ngauruhoe was gone!

Next was Tongariro against Taranaki!

My Word Cloud 2016

Mud Run Of Doom My Cloud.jpeg

I Have A Photograph

I have a photograph it was taken from a phone in 2015. A photo of us - My sister Tatum  and me (Trinity.) I am nine years old in the photo. There we are on our couch, just got home from town (Havelock North.) In front of us is mum taking the photo, on either side of us is the couch and behind us is still the couch!

Friday, 6 May 2016

How Maui Bought Fire To The World

My Book Review

Spin Wheel

Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley Poem

The camp was usual enough :it had
A river, a playground, a swing that I never swung on, ponds that were too deep, even horses that poop all day.
Me and my friends did what kids, do played on the playground, scared people, played some kind of spotlight, played with the fire, jumped into the river.
Doing nothing important.

Trinity SR. Southey

Inspired by James K. Baxter

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Water Crossing

I heard the plunge of liquid water run  over the rocks.

I felt the blast of wind strike my black hair.

I saw the water of the river. It looked as cold as ice. ( I really don’t want to step in there I say.)

I wondered if there was stingrays in the river and if there was what would it feel like if I got stung by a stingray? Would I bleed?

Swimming Sports

As I walked into the Village Pools I was thrilled to see how many people were all dressed.

It was amusing, exciting and wonderful I was speechless until the teacher told me to go and get changed.

As I got changed I wondered if I would come first, second or third.

As one of my flutter board challenge came up I jumped into action as I heard the horn blow.

I tried my best.

It was all panicky.

In the end I came last but all I could do was hope out of the pool and feel good about myself.

As I waited for my next awesome challenge to come up I ate my frosty frozen apple .

As my next challenge came up.

It was breaststroke and doggy paddle.

I did breaststroke .

I came first but since I had to stand up to breath they made me come last … don don don.

My next challenge was floating on my back that one was tough and even though I came last I still felt proud and strong.

As my last challenge came up which was dive for a stone.

As soon as I threw the stone and then dived into the pool I felt a frosty bite hit me but there was nothing I could do I kept on swimming hoping it would warm me up at the end I hoped out of the pool and got my stuff.

Then I had a one hour shower it was so mild warm.

Then I got dressed and as I came out of the changing room the clothing race was on.

I kept on cheering for Evabella she did not win but that was all right then we left swimming sports when we got back to school it was lunch time.

We had serious fun that day and now it's over 😞 but it least it will be back next year yeah 😆.